Friday, August 16, 2013



Sitting at 750m above sea level, Lake Lungern is located in the highest part of the central Swiss canton of Obwalden. So pure that you can drink the water, this body of water is one of the smallest in our selection measuring just 1.2 miles by 800m (at its widest) and 0.8square miles. At the southern end of the lake the quaint village of Lungern, made famous by its underground shooting range. However it is the northern end which you will have to pass through to access the lake as it is the only opening through the magnificent peaks which surround the water. Lepidopterists will be delighted to hear that one of the highlights in the area is a butterfly trail of 9.6 miles featuring 100 varieties of butterfly.
In addition to the usual pursuits of swimming and cycling (there is a cycle path around the lake as well as numerous others), visitors can enjoy the traditional architecture of the hamlet of Obsee, take a cable car between Lungern and Turren and relax after a long hike in Schönbüel with a yodeling brunch! For something a little less strenuous catch the train running between Interlaken and Lucerne - one of the country's finest train journeys.

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